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Why Brigger furniture is so comfortable
Brigger chairs are comfortable chairs because we design them to be comfortable. (Likewise for our comfortable rocking chairs, comfortable recliners and comfortable sofas.) Unlike most bulky furniture on the market, Brigger designs provide your entire body with proper cushioning and support and help you to sit with a healthy posture. Moreover, they are made in a variety of sizes so that anyone can fully enjoy Brigger comfort.

Brigger Ergonomic Features

1. Adjustable LumBar™ support built right into sturdy metal frame provides lower back support right where you need it

2. Resilient seat provides support without sagging or sponginess

3. Additional padding for comfortable knee support

4. Soft padding for your shoulders

5. Adjustable headrest supports your neck and head. Wooden counterweight keeps cushion in position

6. Optional Arm Pads


Comfort Feature #1: The LumBar™
Let's start with back support. You may sit in our furniture and wonder why your lower back feels so good. One reason: the LumBar™. All models incorporate our adjustable LumBar™ support for the lower back, an innovation in healthy sitting comfort. The LumBar™ is simply a padded bar that you can adjust to suit your comfort needs in the lumbar region. The LumBar™ support is built right into the sturdy metal frame on which the sling and cushion rest. It is completely hidden from view, but can easily be accessed via a zippered opening behind the cushion. (If for some reason the LumBar™ doesn't add to your comfort, it can easily be pushed away.) For people who require even more lumbar support, we also sell perfectly-sized Lumbar Rolls.

Comfort Feature #2: Ergonomic Cushions
While lower back comfort is important, it is only one part of the "comfort equation". Brigger cushions are another important part. Our cushions actively support your body from your knees to your head. Resting on a sling that follows the contour of the human body, the cushions offer support where it is most needed. Extra firmness is added at the seat to provide support without sagging or sponginess. We also add comfortable padding at the knees and softer padding at the shoulders. We use high quality, long-lasting foams and polyester fill. Tufting allows the different parts of the cushion to work together as one integrated unit.

Your head and neck are also important for overall comfort. That's why we include an adjustable headrest with each high-back chair, rocker and recliner. The headrest is suspended right where you want it with a wooden counterweight. The cushion is filled with Dacron® 387 fiber "Comfort Clusters". These clusters provide a down-like, soft, comfortable and supportive feel, with superior loft and retention. A zippered opening allows you to adjust the amount of fill for the perfect amount of support. Or you can dispense with the headrest altogether. It's your choice.

Comfort Feature #3: "Made to fit your body"
We understand that comfort is a personal matter. After all, we started Klein Design to help solve our own comfort problems. Comfort is found when your posture is correct and you get support where your body needs it. This is the key: all the above ergonomic features wouldn't be worth a dime if the chair didn't fit you. Hence, Brigger furniture is available in a wide range of sizes so that anyone can benefit from our ergonomic features. Select from different postures, seat depths, seat heights, seat widths and back heights to fit your particular needs.

Naturally, the best way to determine the right size for you is to actually sit in our furniture. If you live in the New England region, we recommend a visit to our workshop showroom, where we have a wide variety of models on display. For those who are farther afield, we've put together our FittingRoom page to make it easier to select the correct model. One of the most important rules is to select the proper seat depth. If your seat is too deep, you won't get adequate lumbar support and your posture will suffer.

Jason is 6'2" tall. He is sitting in an RUHX17 (Extra-High-Back
Upright Rocker
w/ 17" seat height)
Amy is 5"6" tall. She is sitting in an RCH15 (High-Back
Comfort Rocker
w/ 15" seat height)

Comfort Feature #4: Back Posture
Just as people come in all different sizes, people also have different preferences about posture. By posture we mean the angle of inclination between the seat and the back. Some people like to sit with a straighter posture, perhaps because they find it better for reading or because they have trouble getting out of most chairs. Others like a more reclined posture so they can really relax. We offer both options. The former we call our "Upright" models, the latter our "Comfort" models. They both allow you to enjoy the same great comfort features but at the posture you prefer.

Moreover, Brigger rockers are designed differently than Brigger chairs. If you ordered a Brigger chair, but then decided you'd rather like a rocker, we wouldn't just send you new wood parts: we would have to exchange the seat frame as well. Why? Because each model we sell, from Rockers to Chairs to Recliners, is bent differently. After over 20 years of trial and error, we've come up with what we believe to be the best postures for each type of sitting. But we still don't know everything. We listen to your input.


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