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Brigger furniture is patterned after the human body and is made in models that vary in posture, seat height, seat depth and back height to provide comfortable seats for everyone.

If your height is 5’5” to 5'10”, a standard model will most likely fit you without optional changes. We still encourage you to read through the steps below to make sure you have the best possible fit.

If you still have questions, please call us during business hours (Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm EST) at 800-451-7247 and we will be happy to assist you.

Visit our Ergonomics page to find out all about the features that make Brigger furniture so comfortable.


Select Back Posture

Brigger chairs and rockers are available in two postures. Comfort models have the perfect slope to make you feel relaxed. Upright models are slightly steeper for those who want to sit with a straighter posture.

Select Back Height

High-Back models are our most popular, and fit people in a wide range of sizes. Medium-Back models are intended for people who prefer sitting without head and neck support, though short people may get such support. Extra-High-Back models are intended for taller people.

Taller people should use the following guidelines for selecting an Extra-High Back chair or rocker:
  • You should be 6'1" or taller. People who are shorter but with longer torsos may still want extra height.
  • If you are buying a FlipFlop or Ultra recliner, you will benefit from full head support in the reclined position. We recommend people 5’10” or taller select a recliner with an Extra-High Back.

Note: High- and Extra-High-Back models include a headrest.

• We offer double extra-high backs (36”) for very large people.

Select Seat Height

Seat height is dependent on back posture, as follows:

• Standard seat height for Comfort Chairs, Comfort Rockers and Upright Rockers is 15". Recliners are available with 15” seat height only.

• Standard seat height for Upright Chairs is 17". People 5’5” to 5’9” may select 16”, while people under 5'5" should select 15" seat height.

• People under 5’0” often select the Extra-Short chair or rocker, which combines a 14” seat height with a 17” seat depth.

Select Seat Depth

Standard seat depth for all chairs, rockers and recliners is 19". Short and tall people should customize the seat depth based on back posture:

• Comfort models: Tall people (>6'1"), or those with long legs, may prefer a deep seat (21").

• Upright models: Shorter people (<5'5"), or those with short legs, should select a short seat (18"). People under 5’0” can select the extra-short chair, which combines a 17” seat depth with a 14” seat height.

• No matter what your size, seat depth should not exceed measurement A in the diagram. This is more important if you sit in an Upright chair or rocker, and less critical with Comfort models.

• We offer extra deep seats (23”) for very long-legged people.


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