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Welcome to the Brigger FlipFlop Recliner, where two positions are better than one! The FlipFlop is a dual-position chair recliner that floats your body in horizontal equilibrium while offering complete posture support. (If you are looking for more than two positions, see our Ultra Recliner).

The FlipFlop is carefully balanced to make it easy to move between the "up" and the "back" positions, simply by shifting ones weight. A sturdy lever is included to provide additional ease of movement.

In the "back" position, the FlipFlop Recliner places you in the same zero gravity position as astronauts during liftoff. This relieves back pain and discomfort while providing maximum therapeutic support. Your torso is properly aligned to your thighs, and your lower legs are positioned above your heart for improved circulation. Every joint and muscle is aligned for maximum relaxation. You will feel calm, relaxed and totally stress free.

Unlike other brands, Brigger recliners have retractable footrests so you can maintain a healthy posture when you sit upright. Add its ability to rock on its pivot point, and you have a chair, rocker and recliner all in one piece of furniture!

With elegant curves, durable solid wood construction and an ergonomically contoured cushion, the FlipFlop is certain to become the most sought-after chair in your home.

Brigger recliners are available in oak and cherry wood only.

Brigger FlipFlop Recliners are available in over 100 fabrics, divided into 6 price code categories (visit our DesignCenter for details).

FlipFlop Recliner (F)

  Prices listed are for Oak with Clear finish.
  Oak w/stain, add $30
  Cherry Wood, add $75
  Extra-High Back (+4"), add $50
  Extra-Wide Seat (+4"), add:

FlipFlop Recliner
FlipFlop Recliner Upright FlipFlop Recliner

To fully benefit from its ergonomic features, Brigger furniture should be the correct size. Seat depth and seat height are the most important factors in determining comfort. Consult the chart below to find the best fit recommendation for the FlipFlop Recliner:

<5'5" 15* 18
>55 15* 19
*The only seat height currently available is 15".

  Head and neck comfort is especially important with recliners. We recommend extra-high backs for people over 5'10" tall.

  FlipFlop Recliners come standard with the Comfort posture. Those who want to sit straighter may consider an Upright posture.

  Headrests, footrests and one lever are included with each FlipFlop. Arm Pads are optional.

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 Visit our DesignCenter to be your own interior designer. Browse our extensive collection of fine fabrics and leathers, as well as our many woods and finishes.
 Brigger Furniture is truly "made to fit your body". Visit our FittingRoom to find the size that is best for you.

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