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Medium-Back Rocking Chairs are a great way to relax and sit with a healthy posture. Their rocking motion gently exercises your muscles. With a lower back, they work great in smaller spaces.

Each rocker follows your body's natural contours, adding support where you need it most- at the seat, below the knees and especially in the lumbar region. All rockers include our Adjustable LumBar™ Support, an innovation in healthy sitting comfort. Adjust the LumBar for optimal support in the lower back area.

The Comfort rocker is reclined just the right amount to let your body rest. Or choose the Upright rocker if you want to sit with a straighter posture. Brigger rockers can also be customized to adapt to your particular needs. We can vary the seat height, depth, and width to make you comfortable.

Very small people (<5'0") may select our Extra-Short Rocker, which combines a 14" seat height with 17" seat depth. Such people will also get good head and neck support with a Medium-Back model.

Brigger rockers are available in oak, maple and cherry.

Brigger chairs are available in over 100 fabrics, divided into 6 price code categories (visit our DesignCenter for details).

Medium-Back Rockers

  Prices listed are for Oak or Maple with Clear finish.
  Oak w/stain, add $30
  Maple w/stain, add $50
  Cherry Wood, add $50
  Deep Seat, add $50
  Extra-Wide Seat (+4"), add:

Medium-Back Comfort Rocker

Medium-Back Comfort Rocker (RCM)

Medium-Back Upright Rocker
Medium-Back Upright Rocker (RUM)

To fully benefit from its ergonomic features, Brigger furniture should be the correct size. Seat depth and seat height are the most important factors in determining comfort. Both are influenced by your choice of back posture as well. Consult the chart below to find the best fit recommendation for Comfort (C) and Upright (U) chairs:

  C/U C/U
<5'0" 14/14 17/17
5'0"-5'4" 15/15 18/18
5'5"-5'8" 15/16 19/19
5'9"-6'0" 15/17 19/19
6'1"-6'4" 16/17 21*/19
>6'4" 17/17 21*/21*
*Deep Seat, add $50

Click for complete dimensions

Click for complete dimensions

 Visit our DesignCenter to be your own interior designer. Browse our extensive collection of fine fabrics and leathers, as well as our many woods and finishes.
 Brigger Furniture is truly "made to fit your body". Visit our FittingRoom to find the size that is best for you.

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